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Operator Handbook: Red Team + OSINT + Blue Team Reference - Hacker Noob Tips

Operator Handbook: Red Team + OSINT + Blue Team Reference

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Author: Picolet, Joshua


The Operator Handbook takes three disciplines (Red Team, OSINT, Blue Team) and combines them into one complete reference guide. The book contains 123 individual cheat sheet references for many of the most frequently used tools and techniques by practitioners. Over 400 pages of content to assist the most seasoned cybersecurity veteran or someone just getting started in the career field. The goal of combining all disciplines into one book was to remove the artificial barriers that only certain knowledge exists within a "Team".

The reality is today's complex digital landscape demands some level of knowledge in all areas. The "Operator" culture should mean a well-rounded team member no matter the "Team" you represent. All cybersecurity practitioners are Operators. The Blue Team should observe and understand Red Team tactics, Red Team should continually push collaboration with the Blue Team, and OSINT should continually work to peel back evidence of evil doers scattered across disparate data sources. In the spirit of having no separation, each reference is listed in alphabetical order. Not only does this remove those team separated notions, but it also aids in faster lookup. We've all had the same experience where we knew there was an "NMAP Cheat Sheet" but did it fall under Networking, Windows, or Tools? In the Operator Handbook it begins with "N" so flip to the N's section.

Also almost every topic is covered in "How to exploit X" and "How to defend X" perspectives. Tools and topics covered: Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes), OSINT, Ports, Forensics, Malware Resources, Defender tools, Attacker tools, OSINT tools, and various other supporting tools (Vim, iptables, nftables, etc...). This handbook was truly meant to be a single source for the most common tool and techniques an Operator can encounter while on the job. Search Copy Paste L33t.

Release Date: 04-04-2020

Languages: English