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About Us

We are an information security company conducting an overhead automation experiment during Covid-19 since the government is irresponsible with money we decided to see how fast we could setup a market place for individuals to learn about information security.

We get a common question from various skill levels (Middle/High School Students), College students at internships ready for Full Time after graduation, and experienced penetration testers or CISOs. 

Where do I start?

What was your path? 

How do I navigate the information security world? 

As we navigate we will start to connect each of our companies and brands together which will allow for more automation and reduced costs back to everyone else. 

Our founder has assessed over fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals conducting assessments are Enterprise Risk Assessments, Social Engineering, Wireless Penetration Testing, Compliance Assessments (HIPAA, PCI, SEC) and Information Security Program Development (Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity) 

We are putting this website together for someone to grab quick videos that will provide information from various angles within information security. These videos are hosted on a third party website where we are reselling them to the community. We are always looking for feedback on the videos, the adventure you took watching, and your recommendations for enhancements. 

We provide discounts for Students, CEO ordering for their team, or just really anyone because we do believe knowledge should be free but we do have overhead right now until more automation. 

Just contact use where we can provide you a discount code but there are many easter eggs within the application with automation we are trying.

Talk soon.